Grocery app development company

Groceries app development can help your Business grow to a great height of success

Grocery app development can help your Business grow to a great height of success .

Let's see how ?

I will give some reason, why you need a app for groceries delivery

According to the recent survey , 42% people  like to order groceries online and the numbers of such users increasing rapidly day to day .

App development for grocery delivery has gained a impressive momentum all over the world  .

 DOT IT OFFICIAL  a one of the best IT company of  INDIA  is developing feature-rich and highly responsive app for grocery delivery in very affordable price .

DOT IT  company provide all types of digital solutions and services like social media marketing , App development , Website development , video production , logo and graphics design and SEO/SEM.

Online selling of any product has perfectly made his space in the todays worlds economy . Online groceries shopping  is catching up with the customers rapidly .

As fast as the customers base is increasing , groceries manufacturing is also increased by 3% in last  year

Following are the reasons that , why you should invest in online grocery store ?

People are shifting from physical store to online grocery store . Online Grocery Shopping are way more comfortable  than going to physical stores .

The reasons for the shift of customers from a physical store to online grocery store are as follows:-

1) Personalized bargains

2) High comfortability

3) Ease of shopping

4) A rich  assortment of shopping

5) Convienience

Grocery app development company

Retailers are winning the grocery business via  rich technology in grocery  industry .This rich technology allows them to  get the customers from anywhere  with  technology

As per business insider , the  coronavirus pandemic  is propelling the  grocery business into  the spotlight in almost all over the places . Customers  are heavily depending on digital grocery in 2020 , to be precise . The digital grocers are active like never before , especial after the quarantine period

Here is the proof:-

Advantages of online Grocery stores for consumers.

1) Online grocery shopping saves money through exciting discounts & offers

2) Online shopping saves the time of consumers and consumers gets a time saving alternative

3) Customers get various payment option for easy and instant shopping .

4)Consumers can buy a products of multiple brands at a same place 

5)Satisfies consumer’s personalized grocery needs.



Advantages of Online grocery stores for grocers .

1)Higher chance of business growth and profits

2)You can experience better business visibility , as  you are listing your business on online platform .    

3)Higher opportunities for a flourished grocery business.

4)You can enhance your earning opportunities by registering your store online .

5)Better interface and quality products boost better income

Here are the 6 reasons, why you should invest in grocery development app ?:-

1)Low investment in developing a online grocery app

Yes , it is true that you don’t need to pay charge for online grocery app development . Getting a grocery app is simple . The start-up is minimal . 

Grocers do not need to buy  any physical space to sell a product , they just need to invest in technology that allows them their customers to shop for grocery products online . Starting  a grocery business is easy and does not cost too much .

2)Flexible working hour
 Without any doubt , digital business is time saving . Online grocery system allows you to enjoy flexible working hours . It fully depends on you that you want to work as apart timer or a full timer .
                                                 But many people want to do as a part timer with their regular  jobs. With adaptable working hours online grocery app help your store to work automatically and increase your revenue.
You can switch yourself  anytime from  a regular business to full time online grocery business  for a higher returns and profitable business .

3)Satisfies Customers needs
 With lots of customers are shifting from physical grocery store to online grocery store , grocery shopping app helping grocers to grow rapidly and this trending
                                    Customers are looking for comfort and ease of shopping . Consumers are choosing convenience over price . That’s perhaps grocers are opting grocery delivery or grocery shopping app and certainly grocery app becomes best and appropriate solution for every grocer and for every grocery consumers .
4) Cost comparison
Your consumer don’t need visit multiple shops to find the best deals . Online grocery store allow your consumers to compare prices online , without visiting any physical store , so that consumers can compare price  , pick the best deals and buy their stuff online with ease.

5) Customized grocery solution

This system allow your consumers to experience personalized grocery shopping services with your online store.

You can offer customized products or services for health freaks, diet-eatables for those looking for weight-loss,  those who is looking study materials and timely offers on different products.

Highlight something ‘valuable’ in every section, so that your customers can avail extra benefits utilizing your grocery products.

The customized grocery solutions can keep your patrons happy, allowing you to keep your customers hooked.

6) Increase your online stores  goodwill and popularity.

you can increase your online grocery store good will and popularity with the use of grocery app by getting online  same time reviews and this can only done by grocery app . Grocery app are also used digital marketing  and helps your online grocery store to grow digitally easily and increase your popularity .

Online business challenges during COVID-19 and their potential solutions

The  COVID-19 pandemic changed  the way of almost everything like the way of shopping , way of eating , way of travelling even buying the essential groceries item .Its seems like everything about the world has transformed overnight .

Continuous lockdowns and increased  need of groceries and essential groceries items has made online grocery shopping and delivery apps indispensable .

But Here is an interesting proposition that- Is COVID-19 changing the online Industry for good or bad ? 

Well, This is  subject to many industries ,but in this article we would be  covering the impact of corona virus pandemic on the online grocery business or digital grocery store .

Let’s get started :-

Before COVID-19 pandemic , online grocery apps were still  rare in United states

One of the news  Gallup news article article eve cover and also highlighted that  81% of the US consumers  cited to have never installed , let alone use of an online grocery shopping apps.

Even when you  search for the keyword  of ‘Grocery delivery’ in Google trends, you’d see a sudden spike from the period of March-April (the time when the community spread for coronavirus is at an all-time high). 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all the major industries of the world, and many businesses had even declared bankrupt, but the market for online grocery delivery, , has witnessed an exponential surge in demand and unbelievable growth .

Demand for an GROCERY APPS

Tech Giants recently published an article  and highlight the demands for  grocery delivery apps downloads during the COVID-19 pandemic period .

The company has conducted a brief study and analysis , and identifying and recording the pattern for grocery app downloads in the United States, during Coronavirus crisis. The data is so interesting, have a look over a graph:

The graph indicates the current downloads for online grocery apps amid the coronavirus crisis (as per the Tech Crunch’s Study).

Coronavirus pandemic has brought several challenges for grocery industry.

Pandemic challenges faced by grocery industries

General Challenges

General challenges means  , I am talking about “Panic Buying”, What is “Panic Buying”?

When we buy a particular product or a commodity in a large quantities  due to the sudden fear of product shortage or a price rise .

The consequence?

  1. Groceries  stores are running out of stock.
  2. Stores are  figuring  out and taking new and improved measures to meet the increasing demand,
  3. And meet the increased need for proper sanitization, ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers.

Poor supply chain management

Another main barrier or hurdle is supply chain management . Continuous lockdowns and mismanaged planning has completely disrupted  the whole supply chain management system

The institute of supply chain management conducted a poll only to find out hat nearly 75% of companies have already registered problems and disruptions with their current supply chain network .

Traditional supply chains management are outdated and they are facing too many problems during lockdowns.

Before coming on next point ,let’s agree on a piece of general knowledge:

“Online grocery apps have witnessed huge growth during the current global epidemic situation.”

Today what we are using as online grocery platforms were not as mainstream as they are today and this sudden increase in usage and downloads is meant that this thing transforming the while IT infrastructure and grocery business

On demand Grocery Solutions : The future of grocery industries in INDIA

We all remember on thing that there was a time when their was few means to buy a groceries from small markets  or roadside peddlers and hawkers .From the time of stepping outside the home to buy a groceries to the time when a person can buy a groceries from home just at the tip of the hand

In the year 2018, online F&G i.e. Food and Grocery stood at approximately $1 Billion and grew at almost 110% CAGR in its initial years of penetration from 2014 to 2018. 

 The online F&G market in India as of CY19 accounts for almost 0.2% of the overall market share. It is expected to reach 1.2% and touch a $10.5 Billion by the year 2023.

However, the offline F&G dominates the market and holds the maximum share but the dynamics of this industry are changing drastically. The online F&G is growing by almost 25-30% rate and the anticipated CAGR for it is 66% from 2018-23.

Factors influencing the growth of Online Grocery industries in INDIA.

The changing behavioural patterns in consumers purchasing habits is one of the most influential factors and reasons that has encouraged the online grocery industries & market in INDIA .

With the rising of the e-commerce industry , consumers are more inclined towards purchasing through grocery apps on the tip of their fingers . The online transaction value of a retail shopper buying at-least one in a month is between Rs 900 to Rs 1200 .

 Online purchasing is one such means, which eases one’s effort and offers a hassle-free purchasing from anywhere and at any time in this busy work schedule .

Giant offline store-based retailers like D-Mart and Reliance, are now extending their stores from brick & mortar supermarkets to online-based  grocery selling apps & websites. This indicates that the how much big competition and opportunity is this online retail industry.

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