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What is SEO ?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s optimization your web pages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines. SEO improves the rankings in the organic or non paid search results. For example, let's assume that you have a restaurant website. If anybody searches 'best restaurant' to dine in or order online, the first page shows your website. Imagine the traffic and revenue you will generate through it.
SEO is highly effective and long lasting. The shortcoming of SEO is that it takes time to rank your page on keywords. Also SEO is highly affected by the competitions on the keywords (which decides the difficulty of it's ranking).

What is SEM ?

SEM is abbreviated as Search Engine Marketing. Making it simple, it is generating traffic through search engine 'through paid mediums' i.e. paid ads. SEO is good for traffic and also it is highly effective and permanent. But it cannot give you immediate results. It takes time (days, moths or even years). If you need immediate result, you should go for SEM which is advertising your website on search results page for your desired keywords.
SEM provides you an immediate result. You'll instant traffic, conversions, engagement and sales on your website. But you need to pay for it, every time a user clicks on your website result i.e. CPC.

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Dot it , a very respectable professional, very supportive where you can count on, helped me build a professional website for my business. 'MAKEOVER BY AVISHA' would like to thank dot it for their continuous cooperation and support.

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Avisha Barnwal Makeover Specialist

Dot it does an amazing work. It's a great place to be associated with ... also it is reliable and faster. I'm satisfied and personally suggest everyone to use dot it's digital marketing services.

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Sahad Bin Muhammad Businessman , Qatar

Frequently asked questions

It varies form site to site. For example, a restaurant website's SEO will be different from a fitness blogger's website. They both will need different types of SEO / SEM. However, we guarantee you significant results within three months of SEO.

You know there are 1.5 billion website in this world (7.8 billion population). So basically there is a website per 5 persons in this world. Now imagine , you have a website. How will you be significant among other websites ? Why would visitors come to your website instead of your competitors ?

This is the reason you need SEO / SEM. So that your can make your website's presence in this digital world. Also this is the only way you can rank good in the top search engines of the world.

That's completely alright. You shouldn't invest your money in something you aren't sure about. 

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While most of the app development companies leave their clients just after the completion of the project , dot it provides a lifetime support for you , no matter how big or small the project is. Dot it has designed and developed hundreds of different niche websites for clients in 25+ cities worldwide.

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Understanding the privacy of your business/start-up idea , we assure you complete secrecy of the data or the ideas discussed with us during the project development. Those data will not be disclosed to any third party in any case. Also we assure you a 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our work.