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“How To Start your Online Course Selling Website Without Huge Investment.”

Why Online Course Selling
Business Works ?

As of year 2020, everything business is finding its digital version. The world wide online learning market is growing rapidly and has withnessed a huge development in education sectors. Huge growth in the online learning market is driven by increasing accessibility and cost-effectiveness of learning platform.” 

Students are seen to prefer online courses and classes instead of physical classes. It’s simply because online courses  are relatively cheaper, easy, convenient and has trasparency of entire process. Also during lockdown 2020, almost all of the Schools & colleges  were shut and underwent huge loss. The only source of teaching & learning which survived is Online Learning. Gradually the time has come when eLearning is taking over physical classes. I think this is enough for you to understand the demand of this business worldwide at this time.

Traditional classes

  • Huge investment needed i.e. 10-12 lakhs. in infrastructure
  • Tutors should be present at your place.
  • Classes timing management.
  • Time and investment needed assignments.
  • Manpower of at least 15-20 people needed.
  • No Flexibility  in working time.
  • Fixed time to teach and learn.
  • Student have to pay huge amount to learn for different courses.
  • Daily expenses like water, electricity, rent, staff payment, transport etc.
  • Very difficult to get good teachers as well as students for trending courses at your place.
  • Hence 10-12 lakhs to start the business + 50k-1 lakh / monthly expenses.


eLearning platform

  • Very Small investment needed i.e. 15-20thousand. no infrastructure needed.
  • Tutors all around the world can work with you here.
  • Courses can run 24*7 at your website.
  • Easy assignments with instant results.
  • Single person is enough to handle the entire site.
  • 100% time flexibility.
  • One can teach / learn 24*7.
  • Course investment is reduced upto 90% so courses are relatively much cheaper.
  • No daily expenses needed.
  • Easy to find teachers and students as your audience is present worldwide.
  • Hence 15-20 thousands to start the business ₹ 0 daily expenses.

How to start your online courses selling website ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Just after we deliver your website after developing it, we will send your a complete tutorial in which you can see each and every single details regarding course uploading on your site. 

If you still have a doubt, our team will be present at entire working hours to help you.

Every user using your website will have an option to become a tutor at your site.

For that, they'll have to register on your site as a tutor and wait for your approval. 

Once you approve, they'll all the options to add their courses on your site. And thus they can begin selling their course on your site.


Let's take you've uploaded 20 courses at just ₹ 500 each. Let's take the least case, if you sell just 1 course in a day, you'll earn nearly ₹ 50 thousands from it in nearly 3 months.

And let me tell you, as far as we've noticed, our clients manage to sell nearly 5 - 6 courses from the very first month.

If we talk about this number

₹ 500 * 5 courses = 2500/day

₹2500 * 30 days = ₹75000/month

₹75000 * 3 months = ₹225000.

NOTE : Investment is almost 0 here.


Our expert team will guide you in every single details of the business until you start selling and earning from your website.

We will call you and explain in detail about
“How To Start your Online Course Selling Website Without Huge Investment.”

NOTE : Please wait for 2 -5 seconds after filling the form to go to the demo website.

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