Website development on WordPress vs website development on coding.​

Website development on WordPress vs website development on coding.

WordPress is the most popular , trending and best  content management system for website development  WordPress is the best known and most widely used  content management system on the internet(DOT IT is the best website development company & a digital marketing and services company , this company develops a best both static and dynamic website for all types industries) .

Now a days   WordPress become most effective , easy to use and most widely used content management system for website development. 

                                     I know that you are confused in – which is better Website development on WordPress or php ? like You are asking a question like Which is better ? a school or a notebook ?   

Yes , Your question is not a surprise .since WordPress is most  popular than php. WordPress has content management system developed on php and that’s why it become easy for website deigning and development .

Let me give you a Analysis and statistics:       

WordPress have huge market share of 90.5%(as of January 2017) . WordPress  is used by 58.6% of all websites whose content management system we know. This is almost about 27.5% of  all Websites.(W3tech) .Over 30% of online eCommerce  stores 

There are two types of WordPress website:

1) Free websites: They offer minimum functionalities, and are good for those who want to set up a website to   pursue  their hobby like writing Or they want to start a Blog .

2) Paid websites: These are ideal for all types of businesses. You an build any types of websites you want for any industries and you can also start earning through a freelancing job

  1.  If you are a beginner  in WordPress website development job then it will take some time to become a highly paid developer
Is website development on wordpress better than coded websites ?
It cannot be said that WordPress is better or php is better.

This completely depends on you . let me tell you how with some facts :


 If you want to develop up a website, then utilizing a PHP framework is more secure in comparison to the Content management system. That’s because they utilize custom code, and it’s difficult to breach or destroy  their security and code


 As Content management system  has many functions in applications, however, those applications are not flexible. But, the PHP framework includes library functions and can be customized easily an  totally depends upon your requirement or clients requirement .

 So, when it comes to flexibility, the PHP framework is an ideal option an you can build a website as per your requirement 

The most important thing is user interface , website development on WordPress   also provide best user interface, t WordPress is one of the best way to enhance your website development skill .

User Experience

If you want to manage your website with ease and change information on the site with ease go with CMS. This offer best user experience and that too with minimum efforts because PHP doesn’t have the default standard user interface.

 WordPress is flexible CMS 9content management system) that allows multiple users to create and run website without coding. This is the much easier  and best  way to customize a website that php or HTML. With WordPress  you can have full ownership over a website but in custom coded website you won’t have full control and ownership over a website that’s  website development through WordPress is much better  than coded website (DOT  IT  a digital services provider and digital marketing company  provides best Website designing and development  and digital marketing services in all over India  )

Which One is best?

You know what is essential for your business and suits and best for your business  your requirements. Hence, you can make a decision about which technology is the best .


If someone is comparing them, it like comparing tomato and tomato sauce.

if you have come across this question. I would like to explain in some particular prospective:


  1. As a beginner:
    if you are new in development and don’t have too much idea about coding then wordpress is just like a bless for beginner to develop a site. because it is easy and setup basic blogging sites.
    But in case of Custom PHP you have to learn how to code in php, HTML, CSS and javascript/jQuery or something else. I think this will be time taking job.
  2. As a expert:
    if you are expert in web development, it is entirely up to your skill.
    why I am telling like this because. In WordPress too many plugins are available to make your website stunning but there might be some problem like site speed and less optimize site. But if your expert you can develop light weighted plugins.
    if you are expert in PHp, you can build your website/CMS with you coding skill and play around with your code as you wish.
  3. Website designing and development through WordPress also provide you the best and at affordable price .

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