which is better , a grocery store or a grocery app ?

Grocery store vs online Grocery app .

Well friend in this article we will going to talk about which is better , in grocery store vs grocery app ?

Well this is an interesting question , which could be answered in a couple of different ways . If you are a kind of a person who loves to drive around place to place while you are shopping  then you have produce some of your carbon dioxide and many toxic gases through you car but in online grocery shopping there is still a sort of impact to environment through the vehicle that delivers you items and electricity and traffic around your warehouse the items ship from and so on .                                                                                                                                                                                               The main point is that that same truck going to deliver many items to bunch of people this delivery system is reducing the population .One truck is delivering stuffs to many people that is far better than each person making a trip to grocery store .

grocery store vs grocery app

Let’s talk about Grocery store that What the thing needed to start a better grocery store ?How much investment you need . What should be the business plan for your grocery store ?and what types of legal requirement needed for grocery store ?and so on .

Grocery market research

Before starting a grocery store you should  do a market research in grocery field because it is important find a better niche for your grocery business in order to differentiate yourself from other grocery stores .                                                                                                  You will always have to face a huge  competition from many companies . And the best thing that you can do is that you need to focus on that How can satisfy the customers .

Business planning for your grocery store

This is the main part of your business that , what should be your business plan ? whether you want start a normal grocery store or a business as franchise . In franchise business you will get some advantage like help in marketing and other startup task .Initial investment in franchise business  is least than starting a store on your own .

Legal requirements  for grocery stores

You need to contact the local departments of commerce and licensing to get more information regarding the legal requirements

But in generally these are the  legal  requirement :-

 1) Business license

2) Federal employment identification number (EIN)

3) Certificate of Incorporation

4) Employment agreement

5) Nondisclosure agreement 

6) Insurance policy

before the opening of the store your store is going to inspected by state department of health and fire department

Grocery store location 

Location plays a very important role in the growth of the grocery .It should be convenient  for consumer to reach at store easily , you need to have good space for parking  in front of your grocery store 


You have to invest at least ₹ 10 to 15 lakhs  minimum as a initial investment .


You always needed  5 to 10 people of man power on grocery store minimum for store management 

The main problem with Grocery stocks get rotten and spoiled with 2-3 days . You will spend more money on daily expenses  like water, electricity, rent, staff payment, transport etc.

And at last the key point and main problem with grocery store is that you have to invest Hence ₹ 10-12 lakhs to start the business + ₹ 50k-2 lakhs / month to run. lots of investment needed so just think about it .

Let’s talk about 

Why should you start a grocery app instead of grocery store ?

In this article we will going to talk about , why people about online grocery shopping ? why people prefer online grocery shopping over going to physical grocery store ? The advancement in technology transform the world in many ways more than our imagination . Why people are crazy ?

Here are some of the major reasons ,why people choose  to shop online .

Online shopping makes easier to us to compare price online of different brands  from  different stores .

We all are moving towards online shopping gradually .It is convenient to us and makes easier to shopping of groceries and many items  through apps .

Online grocery apps provide a live chat system , while talking through chatting system it feels like that we are  talking to personal staff of store who will answers you all queries because in back of system someone is following us in real life.

We can buy lots of products with a few clicks from wherever we want .We can see a product  as many time as we want

We can buy products any time we want from online grocery store because online grocery never close .

With the use online grocery app it will help you to grow your business from National to International  with minimum capital investment ,It also reduces the cost manage the paper based works by digitalizing it .

Online grocery app helps in making a business faster and more efficient .It also help grocery business in providing a best customer services .

Online grocery app increase the productivity of the business .It also provide a 24×7 services and support system to consumers .

Consumers also get many types of deals and offer many time on festivals  or on daily shopping as well .

If you want to know about the facilities given by Indian Government then click me-

Let's see, how we can start a Grocery App:-

For starting  a Grocery App , we need to invest very least amount of money tat is about ₹15000 to 20,000

We need just 1 to 2 people as a man power for consumer support .

We do not have to  stock and store management issues

We do not have to face defective product issues

Top 6 reasons given by shoppers in buying through internet

  1. Saves time and efforts.
  2. Convenience of Shopping at home.
  3. Wide variety / range of products are available.
  4. Good discounts / lower prices.
  5. Get detailed information of the product.
  6. We can compare various models / brands.

As I said earlier that owner of grocery app don’t need a stock or stores so they don’t have to face  rotting and spoiling  of product issues .

₹ 0 daily expenses

And hence we just have invest  ₹ 15-20 thousand to start the business & ₹ 0 expenses to run.

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If you want know more about online grocery stores and in grocery store vs grocery app which one better and more about it then do follow us .

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